SCPro™ Fundamentals Certification

Global Supply Chain Management Training

A CSCMP Supply Chain & Logistics Program providing cost-effective, foundational knowledge to advance the skills of your supply chain work force.

Virtually every function that creates value in a company is touched by its supply chain. Ensuring your professionals understand the integrated end-to-end supply chain is a real competitive advantage.  SCPro™ Fundamentals prepares entry and mid-level team members to compete in today's global marketplace.

Achieving supply chain excellence is two-fold. Finding and implementing a cost-effective training curriculum and identifying and positioning the right talent. SCPro™ Fundamentals is tailored for these needs.

SCPro™ Fundamentals features a comprehensive assessment based on the eight learning blocks of the end-to-end supply chain, that provides each professional with an individual score reflecting their level of industry knowledge.  Once learning opportunities are identified, the assessment followed by training model allows companies to benchmark and track professional development.  SCPro™ Fundamentals delivers an integrated supply chain training solution needed to develop a competitive supply chain workforce.

What is Supply Chain Management?

Choose The Track That Meets Your Needs

SCPro™ Fundamentals offers your business a comprehensive program to assess and train your supply chain team to operate at the highest level of effectiveness. Each certification can be taken as a stand-alone or in combination with other tracks to increase expertise:

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