Case Studies

A great resource for academics and practitioners!

Academic Case Studies

An added benefit of the Case Studies for Academics is accompanying teaching notes and solutions that are available to current Educator members of CSCMP for use in a classroom setting to facilitate discussion/activity on the case study.  Please contact us at [email protected] to request teaching notes and data files associated with case studies.

Practitioner Case Studies

Through the Supply Chain Innovations Award, CSCMP recognizes organizations with flawless supply chain processes that utilize innovative technology or well-designed procedures to some of supply chain’s toughest challenges. Winning submittals for Supply Chain Innovation Award comprise the Case Studies for Practitioners .

Individuals who could benefit from using the case studies:

  • College faculty and university professors to incorporate real-world examples into a curriculum
  • Students to learn more about real-life SCM processes, challenges, and solutions
  • Candidates preparing for the SCProTM exam by applying SCM concepts to a real-world situations
  • Corporate management to present examples of best practices through case studies
  • All SCM professionals to expand knowledge of the SCM industry and learn how leading organizations apply industry best practices

Key features of the case studies is the relevant, real-world content:

  • Cover a multitude of supply chain disciplines
  • Developed by supply chain industry experts and practitioners
  • Provide insight into effective operational, tactical, and strategic solutions to processes of leading SCM organizations
  • Present examples of best practices
  • An effective learning tool for practitioners to gain insight about the industry and apply concepts to real-world situations
  • Allow for evaluation of a situation, identification of challenges, evaluation of solutions, and developing an implementation plan
  • Designed for use in an educational setting

CSCMP makes available case studies designed for academics and practitioners. Each is available free to CSCMP members.