CSCMP Transportation Center of Excellence

Mission and Objectives

The CSCMP Transportation Center of Excellence exists to be the preeminent resource for transportation knowledge, information and education pertaining to all modes, technologies, regulatory issues and professional development pertaining to freight management for global supply chains.

CSCMP’s Transportation Center of Excellence recognizes companies or individuals that have excelled and created long-term impacts on the transportation industry with the annual Transportation Excellence award (presented at the EDGE conference) named after NASSTRAC’s former Executive Director, Gail Rutkowski. Learn more about the Gail Rutkowski Transportation Excellence Award (GR-TEA) here.

Transportation Center of Excellence Webinars


Including Ocean, Waterway, Air Freight, TL, LTL Parcel, Rail and Intermodal

  • Provide current, reliable and actionable information on all modes of freight transportation
  • Disseminate expert opinions on freight transportation trends that affect operations
  • Highlight key transportation issues and opportunities for shippers, carriers, 3PL’s and other interested parties

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Including TMS, YMS, Visibility, AI, Analytics, IoT, Robotics, Freight Audit and Payment, Automation, Blockchain, API, etc.

  • Identify and share intelligence pertaining to transportation-related technologies that enhance freight management and shipping operations
  • Maintain a network of industry and academic experts to help members understand and embrace technologies

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Regulatory and Legislative

Including over the road trucking, parcel shipping, air freight, import, export, taxes, hours of service, safety, etc.

  • Assemble a network of experts to help members understand current and proposed regulatory and legislative issues
  • Advocate for members as appropriate and in accordance with Federal, state, territorial and other applicable laws

Professional Development

Including networking, education, webinars, research, career development, etc.

  • Convene a network of transportation experts across all facets of the transportation industry
  • Provide education, knowledge and interpretive support that members cannot otherwise easily obtain
  • Guide members to identify and fill any gaps needed to advance their transportation careers