CSCMP’s Academic Community

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) was founded in 1963, by a group of like-minded professionals representing both industry and academia. Their goal was to create a community to connect, educate and develop the world’s supply chain professionals.  This collaboration and essential link between academia and industry makes the CSCMP membership unique and has created a community comprised of some of the most respected professionals in the supply chain field offering thought leadership while promoting the interests and education of supply chain management professionals. 

Academic Strategies Committee (ASC)

The Academic Strategies Committee (ASC) is the primary arm of the CSCMP governing body that represents the larger academic community and works with educators, educational institutions, and students at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. The mission of the ASC is to represent the academic community and to play a vital role in the long-term success of CSCMP and its strategic initiatives through:

  1. Educating the current and next generation of supply chain professionals
  2. Introducing students to the CSCMP organization
  3. Conducting rigorous, relevant research designed to advance (i.e., inform and improve) the supply chain field through both academic journals and managerial/practitioner publications.

Meet the 2022 ASC Members

“Having been an academic member of CSCMP for over 14 years, I have found the organization is an invaluable resource to me. The opportunities to interact with SCM/logistics practitioners and other academics have helped me stay current and relevant in my research and teaching.” 
— Haozhe Chen | Walker Professor in Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Iowa State University, Member of Academic Strategies Committee

What We Do

The ASC provides strategic oversight and managerial responsibility for the following activities in its portfolio: 

Academic Events

Academic Research Symposium (ARS)
The Academic Research Symposium (ARS) provides an annual opportunity for the academic community to share their research ideas with each other and with the broader CSCMP community.

Bowersox Doctoral Symposium (BDS)
Preparing doctoral students for their career in the academia, the BDS enables students to network with peers and more senior academics. 

European Research Symposium (ERS)
The European Research Symposium (ERS) enables European academic members to share their research ideas with each other and with the CSCMP practitioner community across Europe; helps strengthen relationships between USA and European academics.


Bernard J. La Londe Award
Presented during the ARS, the Bernard J. La Londe Best Paper Award recognizes the most valuable paper published in the Journal of Business Logistics (JBL).

Doctoral Dissertation Award (DDA)
The DDA promotes and rewards outstanding doctoral research. High quality academic research is a foundation for generation and dissemination of supply chain knowledge.

E. Grosvenor Plowman Award
Presented during the ARS, from among those papers accepted for presentation at the Academic Research Symposium (formerly known as the Educators' Conference), the best research is selected by the Editorial Review Panel and awarded the distinguished E. Grosvenor Plowman Award. Plowman recipients are invited to present their research at the Academic Research Symposium and recognized for their contributions.

Teaching Innovation Award
Within CSCMP's Academic Research Symposium, organizers devote an academic track to supply chain management teaching innovation and pedagogy. From these submissions, the Editorial Review Panel awards the submission with the largest impact on students and instruction within the field of supply chain and logistics. CSCMP is honored to present the Teaching Innovation Award to faculty members making a difference in the next generation of supply chain professionals.


Journal of Business Logistics (JBL)
A premier logistics/supply chain journal publishing academic research. 

CSCMP Academic Case Library
Case studies are an important pedagogical tool for demonstrating supply chain principles as well as the intricate complexities of managing in the supply chain field. Included as a membership benefit for professors in search of high-quality teaching cases for classroom use.